‘Daks a great Life!

Welcome to ‘Daks a great Life!

We are thrilled you found us.

Positivity, Optimism…all centered around one of the most beautiful spots in the World, the Great Adirondack Park.  It’s a location you would find Mac the Moose who is our loveable yet rugged mascot.  He’s cool enough to wear shades, and always ready for a hike with his boots…yup, that’s Mac!

We think anything is possible if you work hard enough, apply passion, have a positive attitude and won’t take “no” for an answer.

The word ” ‘Daks ” is both a slang for “That’s”, and short for “Adirondacks”, so either way you say it, or either meaning you apply, well, it’s still ‘Daks a great Life!

We’re also all about helping those around us to feel Positive and Optimistic in their daily lives because all too often it’s just so easy to let Life bring you down as you try to move forward each and every day.

We’re hopeful that as you visit with us, maybe even follow our Mac the Moose blog, that we can in some small way help you get a little Positivity and Optimism each day to help keep your energy up.  We also hope you either carry on your love for the Adirondacks -or- you develop a love for the Adirondacks with our help.  Come on, follow Mac the Moose on his adventures, the more the merrier!

Need some additional encouragement?
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                             Here’s a little about who we are:
We are a company that was built to admire, enjoy and promote the “Great Blue Line” we all know as the Adirondack Park, and do it just a little better with a great attitude.  Everything about the Adirondack’s is beautiful…and even better is that you can visit this National Park for FREE, anytime your heart desires.  How cool is that?  You might have also guessed that we just LOVE all things MOOSE.  Our mascot “Mac” the Moose is a fun loving, feel good kinda moose that promotes a Positive and Optimistic attitude.  Our mission is to bring you a little hope and joy when you visit our site, whether you come to look at the pictures we post, or maybe enjoy the blogs we write…or maybe you might even purchase one of our ‘Daks a great Life! T-Shirts to wear when you’re “out and about”, whether in the Adirondacks or someplace else in the world.  If we can make you feel just a little better about yourself and the world you live in, well, then we’ve done our job.  At the end of the day that’s all that Mac the Moose is striving to do…Stay Positive out their people…we KNOW you CAN do it!

 Check out this big Bull Moose to the right…how beautiful is that picture?
We hope you will bookmark this site and check back often, we’ll do our best to try and make it a site you want to return to often.
Did you know we also created the “Mac’s RAK”?  Don’t know what that is?  Well, let’s explain it real quick.  It’s “Mac” (He is our Loveable Moose, right?!!) and then acts of “Random AnonyMoose Kindness“.  It’s what we like to promote as a way to live your life in a Positive way, and then “randomly” doing acts of kindness with no regards for acknowledgment for that act.  It could be an act you do with the person knowing it’s you doing it…or maybe even an act of kindness done without the person knowing you did it.  Go ahead…try it…you know you will feel great when you’ve done it, AND, you’ll want to do it over and over again.  Pretty cool, right?

Here’s wishing you a Great Adirondack Day each and every day, striving to be more Positive and Optimistic all the time and paying it forward with kindness to others around you.  We believe in you…go make it happen, and then you too can say…..‘Daks a great Life!

Lane and Cathy Pelletier, owners